Azure Capacity Management

Developed solutions to predict capacity days-to-exhaustion and Develop Buffer Capacity Management strategy to reserve the empty node/core buffer to fit the tenant upgrade needs. Work on feature engineering and data pre-processing. Investigate AutoML's performance and compare the result with tuned models by domain experts.

Azure Node Failure Prediction
Co-authored a Paper: Predicting Node Failure in Cloud Service Systems ACCEPTED at ESEC/FSE 2018.


BoneyCare is designed to help people with speech disorders improve their confidence and speaking quality. The app records, transcribes and analyzes a users speech patterns, which speech pathologists can then use to improve and accelerate their diagnoses and treatment plans. This project is a collaboration between 2nd year computer science students from two Chinese universities and UC Berkeley.

LightItUp is a hackathon solution based on MITM(man-in-the-middle) attack on DL/T645-2007 protocol that helps late-owl students gain access over their dorm's DL/T645-2007 compliant electricity meter and bypass enforcement of campus electicity after 23:00.